Our friend’s son lost his battle with cancer last week.  He is at peace now.  No more struggle. No more pain. 



The situation with our friend’s son has worsened. He only has a few days left and will soon be in hospice. Please pray for this family. They are preparing to lose their only child.



Our friend’s son continues to stay tough in the fight for his life.  He has had some more set backs that once again forced him to stop his chemo treatments.  After yet another surgery, the doctors are hoping he’ll be strong enough to resume treatments soon.  Please, please continue to pray to God and the angels for this young man’s life to be saved. 



The hospital in Pittsburgh admitted our friend’s son again.  His kidneys were failing and they did surgery to put stents in place.  They sent him home while waiting for the kidneys to be strong enough to try chemo again. He will undergo another treatment tomorrow.  Again, please send prayers and healing energy.  This young man is fighting for his life. 



Another hospital has denied our friend’s son. This one was in Maryland. They are now trying a hospital in Texas. We have gathered information for them from all over the country.  How incredibly sad that it’s necesary for these people to go to such exhaustive efforts to save their son.  He is being denied repeatedly based on prior test results.  Please, please send prayers and healing energy. 



Cancer Treatment Centers of America has denied acceptance of our friend’s son. They made this decision based on test results from prior hospitals without even seeing him.  Please join hands and strengthen your prayers.  We are working diligently to find another option for this family.  If you have any information or suggestions, no matter how small it may seem, please email it to me at kim5101@yahoo.com. This young man hasn’t even had a chance to start life yet. 



Our good friend’s 21 year old son has colon cancer, which has now spread to his liver and pancreas.  Yesterday the doctors told him he had 3-12 months to live.  What could be more devastating than losing a child?  Please join hands and send this young man and his family healing energy. 



The recent Colorado movie theater shooting…I saw a news broadcast last evening discussing the responsibility of the movie industry regarding it’s audience acting out the violence they see in movies.  Another example of finding someone to blame when the only one who actually matters is the one who pulled the trigger.  What stressors and sadness in this young man’s past caused such havoc in his poor troubled mind that he felt such a thing was justified? Prayers and healing energy to the victims and families.



The statue of Joe Paterno has been removed.  We are not the true judge and jury of the participants in this story. We all know in our hearts who that really is.  How incredibly sad that anyone’s memory is shamed in such a manner and all his prior good works stripped away.  Sanctions against the football program…I fail to see the relevance.  No amount of statue removing…finger pointing…and punishment will erase the pain of the victims or turn back the clock.  Prayers and healing energy to all those actually involved…and all those perceived by others to be involved.



The concentrated efforts of the media to sensationalize the situation at Penn State University is what prompted me to add this page.  Not just for this tragedy, but for all human pain around the world.  When news such as this hits mainstream, all focus is on the “bad guys”:  In this case Sandusky…Paterno…who knew…who didn’t know.  While all this is certainly valid, I have asked myself many times “what about the wives and family of these people?”  The horror and sadness of this situation is overwhelming for all  concerned, but ask yourself how you would feel if the person you vowed to spend your life with had committed such a heinous act? How would you feel if you learned your dad did such a thing?  Prayers have gone out all over the world for the victims…and rightfully so…but there are other victims here…please join hands and send prayers and healing energy to them as well. 


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