As you know from my travel section, we decided to spend the winter in Florida in our motor home this year.  We left PA 10/25 and have been here a little over a week. 

Birds eye view of the road…

Everybody headed south…

We were fortunate and got below hurricane Sandy for the trip.  We only had left over winds to deal with when we got here.

I decided to add a separate section about Florida since it’s rather interesting here.  At least to us Pennsylvania people it is. 

I was nervous about the trip.  I thought it was quite significant when we saw this cross as we came into town safely….

Obviously, the weather is dreamy.  I am sitting outside on November 5th writing this.  Imagine that in November.  I always thought Florida was humid no matter what time of year it was, but I was very wrong. 

The resort we’re staying in has a small canal running through it and we’ve gotten friendly with a couple cranes who come to the motor home in the morning and evenings. 

From what I can see on the web, they look like sand hill cranes.  What do you think?

If you think they are another type of bird, please let me know.  It’s been interesting watching all the different types of waterfowl around here. 

We’ve also noticed alot of little lizards hanging around. We understand from our Florida friends that they are common and harmless.  No alligator sightings as of yet, but I will keep you posted! 

Everyone here seems very nice and friendly.  There are people here from all over the country and Canada.  Everything from motor homes much bigger and “snazzier” than ours to pull behind trailers.  John and  I have gotten in the habit already of two to three bikes rides a day around the resort.  It’s another good excuse to suck up the nice weather.

We are very close to Disney World here and have been pleasantly surprised to see the fireworks from there in the evenings on several occasions. 

There is a citrus orchard up the road from us where you can go pick your own oranges and grapefruit.  They have a giant, ugly truck that will take you for swamp rides through the orchard.  John has a thing for ugly trucks, so he’s dying to go!


All settled in here in Florida now.  I can’t believe we’ve been here two weeks as of Saturday.  Elite Resorts is a very comfortable RV park.  It’s very quiet, clean and safe.

I think the diversity of people in places like this is interesting.  There are people here from Canada and all over the continental united states.  I expected most of them to be older and retired, but there are people here of all ages and that’s pretty cool because it tells you they are not afraid to step outside of the mainstream way of thinking.  It is obvious some of these people live in their fifth wheels or motor homes. 

The weather is usually high 70’s, low 80’s and breezy.  It’s pretty odd seeing Christmas decorations go up around on Orlando.  Seeing Christmas lights wrapped around palm trees is definitely not something you’d see at home. 

We took a little road trip over to the gulf coast for dinner the other night Found a great little place at Hudson Beach  called Sam’s Beach Bar.  We had great seats to watch the sunset and excellent food.

Sam’s inside…

Sam’s has THE BEST fried green tomatoes!  We had the coolest guy as our server.  I wish I has gotten his name.  He really made the experience pleasant.  If you ever make it to Hudson Beach in Hudson, Florida you have to go there!!


Gulf sunset…



My new bird buddies are really becoming regulars around here.  They showed up one day when I was out of bread, but waited patiently in the yard till late in the day when I got more. 

Someone that was here last year told us one of these cranes got eaten by an alligator.  Lovely to know there are gators close by.  Yikes!  We also heard coyotes yipping the other night and saw one dead on the  highway.  Strange to think there are coyotes here.  We were also told there are wild pigs in the area that destroyed a neighboring yard one night.  Great.  


John had a short trip to PA this week and I decided to stay in sunny Florida.  I put up a Christmas tree today while wearing shorts and sporting a tan from spending all yesterday afternoon at the pool.  Can’t say as I’ve ever decorated for Christmas like that before!  Sure feels strange!






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